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About genuine proof

About BEAUTY BAR® KITTY shipping overseas" Solid Co.,made a business alliance with the Japan Distribution Management Support Organization(JDMSO) (

We will offer the following by partnership.
・Proof of genuine products and fraudulent distribution management will be carried out using authentic certified hologram 'HiddenTag*.
・We will manage distribution channels using distribution control tags. (QR code)

We will stick the following seals sequentially from overseas shipment. They all have different identifiers and manage them as two or more unique information. As for this product, it will be shipped from Solid Corporation.

We will provide access logs and customers reports to each country's customs clearance ,and curb the imitation, as well as the infringement of copyright and portrait rights of illegal behavior, to ensure the interests of consumers, sellers and product.

When imitation etc is found, we will respond to fraudulent distribution including invalidation of code included in the distribution code.

Solid Corporation 
President Rie koike 
DUNS No. #714405953 
TEL:+81 3-5738-2737


The battery type has been changed since June 2018 shipment.
About genuine proof
Beauty Bar ® Kitty was introduced in Sanrio Official Account of fecebook.
China's popular longevity variety show "Happy Camp" host Wu Xin also love to use beauty bar!
BEAUTYBAR®Hello Kitty ver. Will release on March 1 from MCBIKEN! !
BEAUTY BAR® Hello Kitty
The first time genuine proof and distribution channel confirmation is done from the QR code (
The second time genuine proof can be done from HiddenTag®.
第一次正品、流通认证通过二维码( )进行,